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our love story

where did the two of you meet?

Colin worked at the same company that Christina's mom worked at in 2009; while Christina was still at college in Oklahoma. During the summers, she would come home and work in the call center. Colin invited Christina one day to come watch him play softball and the rest his history. We had to keep our relationship quiet due to work; so we would sneak out for lunch dates.

what was your first date?

Our first time hanging out was at/after his softball game, but we were with a group of people. Our first time hanging out with just the two of us was at Colin's apartment. We watched a movie and ordered dinner. 

the first few years...

For the first two years of our relationship, we were long distance. Christina was at Oklahoma State and Colin was living in Dallas. We spent at least one weekend a month visiting one another. Long distance is hard for any relationship, let alone a new one, but we really made it work and it didn't feel like an effort. We doubled down by moving to Austin together in our 3rd year, so that Christina could attend grad school. 

what is one word to describe your relationship?

Supportive! Our relationship foundation was built on supporting one another. We are each others biggest champions. We supported one another while we worked on additional degrees and education. We cheered each other on while exploring our career paths. We hold each other up when we aren't able to hold ourselves up. There is almost nothing we can't do together. 

what is your favorite activity to do together?

We genuinely enjoy each others' company. We choose to be together more often the most couples that we know. Our favorite pastime is going to live music, but it happens much less these days. Our currently favorite activity is playing cards together. We listen to music, compete at Gin Rummy and chat about life. We also enjoy movie dates at Alamo Drafthouse. 


the engagement... 

After 7 years of dating, Colin surprised Christina while visiting friends in Ft. Worth. The day was full of surprises start to end. He proposed on one knee in the botanical gardens of Ft. Worth. Throughout the day, we were surprised by friends and family joining us in the party. We ended the day at dinner with a group of our favorite people there to celebrate our love. 

what is your ideal date day/night?

Our dates always include delicious food. We consider ourselves foodies and enjoy trying new restaurants. We also enjoy trying new things or activities together; going to an arcade, taking a planting class or creating our own progressive dinner in a specific area of town. 

what is your favorite vacation?

We love road trips for a few reasons. The first being that we love to travel with our puppy dogs and the easiest way to do that is by car. The second being that we really get to connect with one another on the road. We spend some time listening to a podcast (usually true crime), some time listening to music and a good deal of time with nothing playing and just talking to one another. The destination is less important than the journey there. 


the wedding... 

We got married at one of our favorite spots in Dallas - White Rock Lake. One of our closest friends officiated our wedding and our family and friends did so much work to make our day perfect. We wrote our vows together, so they were unique to us and our relationship. Our first dance was to Don Williams "I Believe in Love". We danced the night away with our favorite people in the world. 

wedding dance.jpeg
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