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a little about

our family

We live in the Dallas Metroplex with our two fluffy golden retrievers, who are spoiled beyond imaginable. We spend our time doing projects around the house, listening to music, snuggling on the couch in front of the TV, cooking delicious food, and sometimes playing a card game or doing a puzzle. Our home is our happy place and we spend most of our time together there - but we do enjoy getting out with extended family and friends.


how christina describes colin 

Colin is one of the most intelligent, hilarious and loyal people that I have ever known. His personality attracts everyone and to know him is to love him. 

He has worked incredibly hard our entire relationship to continue his education, while exploring different careers simultaneously. Colin is currently working on his dissertation to complete his PhD at Texas Christian University in 2023. He does this on the "side", while working a full time job as a UX Designer. From what I understand, that means he makes website and apps look good and easy to use. 

In what little free time he has, he enjoys being with his family, playing drums, playing video games or building/creating things. Colin loves all things college football, and we have many teams to root for with our long list of alma maters. 

I am so excited to see what this new role of Dad will look like on him because I know he is going to be the best!

how colin describes christina 

The first thing that always comes to my mind is Christina's kindness. Birthdays are always remembered, gifts are thoughtful and carefully selected. If someone is struggling or needs help, Christina is always there with a kind heart and open arms. One thing that I think sometimes gets overlooked is her toughness. She's a fighter, and she will do whatever it takes to help people or improve the lives of children at her job as a Special Education administrator. She is, often quite literally, the only voice these kiddos have, and they have an all-star.

She cares, deeply, and she isn't afraid to do the hard things to get the best outcomes. Christina likes to read books, go to yoga, and have a chat and some laughs over a glass of white wine. One of her favorite activities is falling asleep while we watch a movie.

Christina's the best, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would disagree with me. She's a great wife, friend, confidant, and an overall wonderful person.


the puppies

Jake (left) is a 7 year old Golden Retriever who believes that he is a lap dog. He is never more than a couple feet away from us at any time. You will often find him curled up on the couch between us. His favorite activities are napping, snacking, and the occasional short walk. Jake's personality is best described as sweet, kind and loving. He's a big softie.

Ethel (right) is a 3ish year old Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees mix. We adopted her during COVID and she brings so much spunk and fun to our family. She also loves to snuggle but she is also more independent than Jake. She is fiercely protective of her people, especially our little nieces and nephews. Without a doubt, her favorite activity is bothering her brother. Ethel's big personality is best described as playful and engaging. 

colin's extended family

Colin, originally from El Paso, spent most of his childhood in the Dallas Metroplex. He was raised by a strong single mom, after his parents divorced at a young age. 

Colin is the youngest of 3 boys and has a close relationship with his brothers. They all share a similar sense of humor and love for sports! He also has two half sisters, Rachel and Reilly.

Clay lives close by with his family. We love spending time playing video games with our niece and nephew. 

Charlie and his family live in Kansas City. We get together with them and their 3 girls, as often as possible. 

Colin has one living grandmother who lives in East Texas. 

christina's extended family

Christina was born and raised in the Dallas Metroplex, where all of her family still lives, with the exception of her dad, Trace. 

She is the older sister to Catherine, who was and still is her best friend, even though they had their moments growing up - little sisters can be annoying at times. 

Her mom, Becca, and her fiance live in the area and often host the whole family (including dogs) for pool parties. 

Trace and his wife recently moved to Ajijic, Mexico on an early retirement adventure. They make trips up to see us as often as possible. 

We enjoy spending time with Catherine and her family, which includes a young niece and nephew. Our nephew loves having sleepovers at "Nina's house". 

Christina has one living grandmother who lives in Denton. 

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